Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Toilet Blog 2.0

Hi everybody! Thanks for hanging on for me to catch up with the toilet blog. I'm forever in your debt. So here's the true story of why Fix My Toilet has been dormant, nearly a year.

Truth: I fixed all the toilets.

Seriously. I was even going around offering to fix people's toilets, but no one seemed to have any that needed fixing.

In addition to that, I'd always intended to refrain from writing silly stories that didn't refer to toilets, or random thoughts, or satirical observations about the New York theater scene. We get plenty of that shit from all over. What we don't have is blogs with practical advice for dealing with toilets. In the absence of busted toilets, what could I do?

Well, then this happened:

Forces beyond my control at Access Theater have conspired to bring our historically significant premises into compliance with the NYC building code. This is not a wholly bad thing, especially if you can't get around without a wheelchair. The first step was demolishing every trace of a the bathrooms on the 4th floor, where the theater is. Take a look at the panoramic view:

Goddammit. Yes, ladies and gentleman, there was once a bathroom here, complete with a toilet. Now, only barren nothingness.

But hang on! I must admit I was bitter at first, but I'm coming around. Stay tuned for more updates about the bathroom situation for the rest of the year. It's gonna be a wild ride!



At 6:58 AM, Blogger Adam said...

does this mean if i have to use the bathroom when I'm at the access, I just can't?

At 11:41 AM, Blogger Barry said...

Dear Friend:

I know that your blog has been quiet for a while but you might like to know that the plumbers at Elimination Systems have released iFlush version 2, an update to the best-selling toilet application for iPhone/iPod Touch.

Version 2 adds social features that flush beyond the phone, so more people can enjoy the fun.

If you'd like to learn more about how iFlush provides fast relief, here's a link to the social media press release for version 2.0:

If you'd like to write a story about iFlush, we'd be happy to send you a free download code so you can turn your own iPhone into a toilet. Just send me an email and I'll forward a code.


Barry Briggs

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