Monday, November 06, 2006

Your hoohah is beautiful!

Thanks to Phantasmaphile for this link--gorgeous, flower-shaped porcelain bathroom fixtures by San Francisco artist, Clark Sorenson. Click here for flower toilets.

I believe the artist's aim is an effect known among the ancient Greeks as antiprosopopoeia, or the depiction of a human as an inanimate object. Plainly he's trying to comment on likeness of these beautiful, bud-like toilets and your own hoohah by placing them in a spacial juxtaposition.

Or maybe it's semiprosopopoeia, since it's just a part of the human.

On the other hand, this might be regular prosopopoeia, since it's really a toilet posing as a flower. Whatever it is, it's prosogymnasmata, and that's for damn sure.

What the hell do I know? Two things only: that your private parts are like flowers, and how to fix a darn toilet.

But please, be careful not to slip and fall on the urinal shown above. Looks dangerous...



At 1:17 AM, Anonymous MagrittePaint said...

Love the flower toilets! Excellent blog!

At 6:37 PM, Blogger Floyd said...

I want more photos of toilets and their owners. I volunteer to be first.

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Adam said...

update! update! are there no more broken toilets?

At 3:26 PM, Anonymous toilet enthusiast said...

how am I supposed to stay committed to your blog if you refuse to update it! Where is the toilet love?!?

At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a lazy blogger

At 3:58 AM, Blogger Floyd said...

kyle ankowitz, you are dea to me, dead. Want to come over and play with spelter?


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