Monday, October 16, 2006

Bad Motor Flusher!

As I promised on Friday, I attacked the flusher problem on my own toilet with the kind of ferocity that befits a toilet barbarian like myself. I'm happy to report that the flusher now fires like a cannon at the slightest pressure on the flush handle.

The problem was somewhat different than I anticipated. Instead of an air-pocket flapper, the flush is actuated by a non-buoyant flat-flapper and an attached foam "floater", a contraption that I haven't encountered before. I also noticed that the flusher arm is offset diagonally from the handle rotation, which reduces the mechaniacal advantage of the flusher arm and makes the precise tuning of the chain length a particularly important factor.

I adjudged the foam floater to be an eco-friendly modification that allows the flapper to close before the tank is empty, thereby reducing overall flush volume; I raised the floater position to save a little more water, because I care about the enviroment. (Earth: Love it or leave it.) I also lowered the valve arm by loosening the nylon nut on the adjusting joint and choosing a more simpatico position for the floater ball.

Then I removed the ball-chain from the clip on the flusher arm and shortened the free chain length until the flapper was just barely closed--essentially giving my flusher handle a "hair-trigger". Finally, I closed up the patient and performed a few trial flushes. Success! My toilet is now a high-performance, hot-roddin', fast-flushin', waste-evacuatin' machine with improved per-flush water economy. Fool, you can't touch this!

On a personal note: my father visited my blog for the first time this weekend. This was particularly poignant for him, since he has always claimed to be responsible for my "crappy sense of humor" (no pun intended). As much as I yearn for his approval, I don't think there's anything funny about how totally supreme I am at fixing toilets...period. So stop laughing.



At 8:21 AM, Blogger Adam said...

My only fear is that one day you will run out of toilets to fix and then whatever will you write abotu on your blog?

At 8:59 AM, Blogger Kyle said...

Well, here's my comfort:

1. Every item that we build to serve some function will eventually and inevitably fail at that very function. This is an indelible fact of technology--nay, the Cosmos--owing to the 3rd law of thermodynamics. Think of your iPod. Now, think of your toilet.

2. Phantasmaphile said her toilet is hissing and groaning. I'm on it.

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