Thursday, October 05, 2006

Crapgate: House Official Implicated in Sordid Photo Scandal

Flushes with Coyotes stirred up some controversy over yesterday's post by claiming that the linked photo was actually an image of someone else's toilet. Confession: I am a Gay American. Also, I borrowed a picture of a toilet from Flickr as a placeholder until I was able to get the actual image off of my camera-phone. I'm so sorry.

In point of fact, the toilet was running and evidentally had been doing so for weeks. The problem was verifiably resolved as reported in the post. Any statements to the contrary are, as Condoleeza Rice would say, flatly false.

Some figures in the administration claim to have notified the proper authorities according to prescribed procedures; this is also untrue. It appears that the critical situation was effectively covered up by certain individuals who have more secrets to hide. Like other "controversies" that Access Management has deposited in the back bathroom, this incident will continue to stink the place up until full accountability has been established.

So here's some wisdom for you to squat over, Flushes: "He who faked it, baked it."



At 10:54 AM, Blogger Floyd said...

I linked to yo on my blog but not like on the side like a real blog because i don't do that because i don't know how because i don't have time and the cats are so distracting. shoo

HA!! LOL!!! Good blog.


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